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Join the GenAction movement with your class!

30 Science Centres across Canada have teamed up to inspire youth coast-to-coast to climate action. We've created easy-to-read educational activities for youth grades K-12 based on climate research happening in Canada. Inspire climate action in your school!



Don't miss out on taking part in GenAction programs in your area. Contact a member of GenAction in your region to see what they're up to.

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Free Bilingual Science Spotlights


Monthly Activities

Monthly Activities
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Resource Feature: 

Climate Hero is an online Escape Room that combines AI technology and climate education. This contemporary, immersive game synthesizes knowledge learned throughout the experience and tasks groups with “escaping” from Earth’s climate crisis. Players use critical thinking and collaboration skills to solve interactive challenges that communicate basic concepts of climate science and action. 


Want to use Climate Hero in your classroom? Learn more. 

Science Spotlights

Explore FREE bilingual Canadian Science Spotlights that these science centres have developed, with activities to try in the classroom or at home. 


We’re highlighting our newest Science Spotlights below, but make sure you check out all 45+ bilingual resources by clicking here. 

Featured Science Spotlights
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